How to create a freelancer service listing that stands out

The internet and the digital world, have brought several advantages, such as the flexibility of our schedules and the possibility to work wherever we want. After all, being able to earn money working from a seaside terrace is not a privilege for everyone. However, not everything that shines is gold, so to be able to […]

6 SEO metrics to find free traffic from Google

6 SEO Metrics for Free Traffic If you have a website, you’re probably aware that there are lots of sources which you can bring traffic from. However, none of them is as powerful as traffic coming from search engines. Organic traffic is considered one of the best traffic sources, mainly for two reasons: you don’t […]

What are freelance productized services?

Selling productized services as a freelancer So, you’ve been in the freelancing game for some time now. Quotes, after quotes for services tailored to the needs of your customer… that specific customer. But, did you know that, sometimes, your customers know exactly what they are searching for? For those cases, you can offer productized services. […]

Top 5 Social Media strategy goals to keep your eye on

There are around 4.95 billion internet users in the world. During the 3rd quarter of 2021, these users spent 2h27m per day, on social media. According to the Digital 2022 Global Overview Report, on average, each person spends 147 minutes a day, everyday, on social media. And each second counts. Of all the 8.820 seconds […]

Workana: how to be approved as a freelancer

If you’re an online freelancer, you might have heard about some freelancing marketplaces such as Fiverr, Upwork or, even, PeoplePerHour But what about Workana? Contrary to what happens with Fiverr, where all users are immediately approved as sellers, in Workana, this doesn’t happen so quickly. Workana is one of the biggest freelancing marketplaces in the […]

Which online marketing freelancer should I hire?

Welcome to entrepreneurship. This amazing ride is just about to start. Finding that one thing that helps your community, and gets you paid for, is an amazing feat. Congratulations. But now, here’s where the second part of the puzzle starts: how do you market it? Do you need a website? Or a social media profile? […]